Looking for landscapers in Monroe/West Monroe? Then look no further than NorthPro. NorthPro’s creativity and knowledge of plants coupled with your ideas for your yard will bring beauty to the outdoor areas of your home or office. NorthPro can design, purchase, and install landscaping for residential and commercial properties.

Lawncare and Lawn Maintenance

Ever looked at your yard and wondered what exactly you could do to make it more beautiful? Let the pro’s at NorthPro turn your lawn into the jewel of the neighborhood. Tommy Neck will plan a design that works with your existing shrubs and yard features, or can start from scratch with fresh landscape ideas. With an eye for style and a knowledge of native plants and climate, Tommy will work within your budget to create the look you want for your outdoor area.

Landscape design is not just creating flowerbeds. It also involves assessing elevation and drainage issues to accommodate excess water. By incorporating beautiful rock gardens or installing a French drain, landscaping becomes a beautiful solution to a major problem that Louisiana flash floods can bring.

Tommy also uses hardscapes, ponds, and fountains to create outdoor living areas or enhance garden areas. Let him stop by for a free consultation to discuss your yard and turn your outdoor visions to reality.

NorthPro Landscaping and Lawncare|Bedding PlantsNorth Louisiana is fortunate to have a mild climate, allowing us to enjoy colorful seasonal flowers and plants year round. Keeping homes and businesses looking their best is NorthPro’s specialty. We select blooming flowers that add pop to your front door and grounds. Healthy annuals are sourced from large commercial growers and planted in fresh dirt and covered in mulch. Allowing NorthPro to install fresh bedding plants is one of the easiest ways to spruce up your home.

Mulch is spread around plants and over the soil to help retain moisture, suppressweeds, and give the area a more uniform look. Organic mulches such as pine straw and wood chips also improve the soil’s richness as they decompose.

NorthPro recommends refreshing mulch in the springtime and fall. Mulch will help retain moisture for our hot Louisiana summer days and provide winter protection in colder months. Mulch also keeps stems and shrub leaves off damp dirt protecting them from rotting.

Types of mulch most commonly used in Louisiana are pine straw and cypress mulch. These mulches are organic. Occasionally we use inorganic mulch such as recycled rubber tire for playgrounds or commercial areas. Insects tend to avoid this material and it is easily cleaned off with a blower because the rubber pieces do not easily blow away.

Outdoor Lighting Services The appearance of your home dramatically changes after dark with the addition of outdoor lights. Use outdoor lighting to create a mood,highlight walkways, and provide safety from intruders. NorthPro incorporates various types of outdoor lighting into a landscaping plan. Accent a fountain or gazebo or simulate moonlight with lighting fixtures hidden in the ground and among the trees. Use uplights to highlight focal points in the landscape and architectural elements of your home. With Tommy and the professionals at NorthPro, your yard can be anything you can dream.

Have a drainage issue? Landscape water drainage issues are common in Louisiana because of our tendency for flash flooding.

NorthPro offers many drainage solutions to keep water away from your home or office. We incorporate rock beds, french drains, surface grates, and channel drains to efficiently facilitate the removal of rain water. Drainage systems are designed into the landscaping plan so that they look beautiful and are hidden from sight. Sometimes our drainage solutions are so attractive they become the focal point of the lawn!

NorthPro | Monroe/West Monroe Sprinkler Installation Sprinkler systems help conserve water, keep your yard looking beautiful, and save money. They also take the hassle out of constantly moving the water sprinkler around the yard.

NorthPro is a licensed sprinkler and irrigation contractor (license #0442) and installs sprinkler systems in theMonroe/West Monroe area and all of Northeast Louisiana. We can also repair and service any brand of lawn sprinkler system. Our lawn watering systems are set up on automatic timers and make watering your yard one less thing you have to worry about during the hot Louisiana summers.


Lush grass is the key to a beautiful lawn. Allowing NorthPro to install sod gives you a lawn of instant fullness without the long wait and hassle of seeding. Sod also eliminates the chance of run off soil erosion. NorthPro has access to many types of grasses and will supply the type that best suits your situation (full sun, heavy traffic, etc.)

NorthPro has many resources for all types of dirt. Topsoil, red mulch, pine bark mulch, and anything in between. We use several dirt pits in the Monroe/West Monroearea which benefits clients because we don’t just get the brown dirt, we get the best dirt in Louisiana.

Our equipment includes a ditch witch, backhoe, front end loader and tractor. We can complete any type of dirt moving project such pond dig outs, pool fill ins, and other small and big.

Tree and Shrub Installation | Monroe/ West Monroe Area NorthPro installs trees and shrubs small and large. From 2 ft. tall to 20 ft. tall, we can locate a tree in your yard so that it seems to have always been there. Northpro also moves trees, stakes new plantings, and can suggest proper places to locate for best growth.